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Who? (And it is not you!)

The question was razor sharp, and it pierced a nerve that had remained hidden. It was a question that I wanted to avoid, but I knew that it was time to face it. I was 22 years old and had just taken a step into a significant leadership role. I knew that I was in over my head, but I had something to prove. I grasped the reality that I had many areas that I needed to grow in, however, sometimes the maturing process is not the easiest journey to navigate.

The question was simply this: WHO?

  1. WHO do you have in your life to help you become all that God created you to be?

  2. WHO is asking you the difficult questions?

  3. WHO is looking into your life and giving unfiltered feedback?

  4. WHO have you invited to challenge your thinking and question your decisions?

  5. WHO are you revealing the dark corners of your heart to without the fear of being judged?

  6. WHO are you leaning on in times of difficulty and uncertainty?

So let me ask you the same question: WHO have you intentionally invited into your life to help you reach your God potential?

__________________________________________ (Insert name)

You need someone actively engaged in your life. But the “WHO” is critical. And grasp that the “WHO” must be more than just “YOU”! You need someone who is spiritually a step ahead of you, committed to giving great spiritual insight that reflects God’s heart. Remember, there are no perfect people, so choose wisely. You need someone who has the courage to hit that nerve and help you push through the discomfort. You need someone who loves you for you – all the quirks, faults, and idiosyncrasies. You need someone who is committed to you and your growth.

Over the years I have intentionally pursued numerous leaders and asked them to mentor me.  Do you know what is interesting? Not one person has said no when I asked them to mentor me.  Not one.

Now It is your turn. Pick up the phone. Send the text.  Buy someone coffee. Invite someone to help you become the better version of you.

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