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What words will fill your blank page?

There is something exhilarating, and at the same time, overwhelming about staring at a blank page.  The cursor blinks enticing – no begging – possibly even demanding you to write. Ideas swarm in your mind that engages your soul causing your heart to quicken in step. The cursor blinks. Your eyes, fixated on the screen, suddenly catches a glimpse of the faint outline of your silhouette.  Through the haze of possibilities and ideas, you can see what might emerge when focused effort extracts words from an endless supply of thoughts. The cursor continues to blink in a precise cadence.  Write something. Write anything. You think to yourself, “No, not anything. Don’t waste your time or anyone else’s time.” A cautious voice emerges whispering thoughts of inspiration and passion.  But what if the words I write are not good enough? What if what I write is tossed away like a lukewarm cup of coffee? If I don’t impact anyone, is it really worth the time or effort?

The Ominous Presence of the Page

The blank page invites you to write something of significance – enticing the heart to move into action. But at the same time whisper’s caution because people will question your words. The blank page begs your heart to be vulnerable, revealing in lurid detail thoughts thriving down deep. But it quickly counter-attacks giving a warning: “Judgement will be levied if you reveal too much.”Fill your paper with the breathing of your heart. William Wordsworth.

The blank page supercharges the creative intellect’s driving desire to capture an audience and move them into action. But it reveals that no matter the depth of passion inserted into the writing, people might just ignore you. The page dares you to step out on the edge and make a statement – create a ruckus – ignite a fire within the soul.

So you sit there. Staring at the blinking cursor. The decision is yours.

The Opportunity of the Page

Every morning you have a blank page staring at you. Words, ideas, actions, thoughts, interactions, comments, and encounters just might fill the page.  At the end of the day you will lay your head on the pillow, drift off to never-land and wake up the next day with an unadulterated blank page.

And the cursor will be blinking.

Write something of significance today. You might fail. You might overstep. You might be mis-interpreted. You might want to take it back. You might be attacked. You might be labeled. But you never know, you just might say or do something that makes an eternal difference. You might do something that changes a life. You might do something that shifts perspective. You might do something that actually matters.

And the amazing truth is that tomorrow, you will have the opportunity to start over with a blank page.

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