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Who’s talking about your church? (part 1)

I read this post at MacRumors a few days ago entitled “Apple Most-Covered Tech Company in Mainstream Media. I didn’t need to see any scientific data (But if you need it, it’s to the left.) to know that statement was true. If you are an Apple fanatic, you love all the coverage. If you are an Apple hater, you despise the coverage. Wherever you fall on the spectrum, you know that there is a cult like following of Apple and all their product releases.  A frenzy is stirred up. Excitement grows. People talk. Bloggers Blog. Techies debate. The novice (like me), waits in a paralyzing anticipation of the launch of the next product.

As I read the article, 2 simple questions emerged. Both questions were linked together. The first question was easy. The second question consumed my thinking.

#1: Why is Apple the most covered company?

Here is my quick take.

  1. INNOVATION: Apple is always looking forward to the next “thing” to impact culture. They don’t look at what others are doing. They aren’t following – they are leading out in the tech revolution. Think about it . . .iPod. iPhone. iPad. Those 3 innovations have completely changed their perspective markets. Think about how many tech inventions have come since then trying to be the iPhone killer (or iPod, or iPad).

  2. CULTURE: Apple has built a community of followers around their culture. It is a culture that screams – excellence – innovation – simple – cool – on the edge – quality.It is a culture that people resonate with. It is a culture that people have immersed themselves in not only with their money, but with their emotions as well.

  3. CUSTOMER SERVICE:  Apple has worked diligently on creating an amazing experience for their customer. They value the customer so much that they were just ranked 3rd out of all companies by Business Week.  The next closest computer company was Dell at #23. Apple received A+ marks for “quality of staff” and “efficiency of service”. But there was one piece that grabbed my attention. Apple moved from 20th to 3rd in just one years time.

What else would you add to this list?

All this leads me to the second question . . . .coming in Part 2.

PHOTO CREDIT: Jon Ottoson via Unsplash

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