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IGNITE: Prayer Partnership

There are moments when in the middle of the chaos, you can sense God’s presence in such a real way. What we are experiencing at Renaissance right now is one of those incredible moments. The obstacles we face are significant, but the opportunities in front of us are even greater! God is truly moving within Renaissance in a significant way. It is because of your personal commitment to the everyONE that we are experiencing a movement that God is greatly blessing. Your absolute resolve to take a relational risk by inviting your friends, family and co-workers is inspiring. Every weekend I have the privilege to meet someone or get an email from someone who has experienced Renaissance for the first time. Lives are being changed. Marriages are being mended. Broken people are experiencing healing. The disenchanted are rediscovering a place where God is alive. People are discovering a life-changing relationship with Jesus. I love seeing God at work and I hope you do, too! That’s why it’s got to be all about the everyONE.

Over the next 30 days, please link arms with me and pray!  God is moving in such a significant way within Renaissance and it is such an honor to be part of the lives that are being changed.

Here is the 30day Prayer Partnership guide. Click on it to download.

Ignite Prayer Partnership

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