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Catalysts for Spiritual Growth

Several weeks ago (May 20th to be exact) I talk about a list of resources that I personally use to be a catalyst in my spritiaul growth.  The following week we sent out this list via our Happenings email. I wanted to make sure that you had access to all this. Please know, this is not an exhasutive list. But it will deffinitely get you started.

Embrace and Enjoy the journey! You are embarking in a lifelong pursuit of becoming like Christ.

This is from the May 24th Happenings email. If you would like to subscribe to the Happenings, please click here: RENAISSANCE HAPPENINGS EMAIL *NO -we will not sell, trade, give, barter, swap, exchange, or accidently post on every website ever created, your email address. It is safe with us!

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On Sunday, in the second message of our MAXED series, we looked again at Jeremiah 29:13, which tells us that we will find God when we seek Him with all our heart. We also looked atMatthew 6:33 where Jesus says to seek God’s Kingdom FIRST before anything else. Each of us has to decide whether or not we will seek God first in our lives to see who He is—in a personal way. As you start putting God first in the rhythm of your life, you’ll discover His plans for you. As promised, I’ve included some of the resources that I personally use to seek God first in my life. I hope you find them useful as you seek to grow in your own relationship with Jesus. He promises that you will find Him when you seek Him.

PODCASTS * Andy Stanley – Northpoint Community Church [Podcast] * Jud Wilhite – Central Christian Church [Podcast] * Perry Noble – NewSpring Church [Podcast] * Tim Keller – Redeemer Presbyterian Church [Podcast] * Matt Chandler – The Village Church [Podcast] * Mark Driscoll – Mars Hill Church [Podcast]

BIBLE YouVersion

BOOKS Ruthless Trust by Brennan Manning Simply Jesus by NT Wright Me I Want To Be by John Ortberg When Work and Family Collide by Andy Stanley King’s Cross by Tim Keller

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