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Creative Ramblings from a Creative Place

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After church on Sunday my family went to the annual  “Art in the Park” located in Boulder City Nevada. Art in the Park is just what the name says it is. Hundreds of artists set up tents to display their art in hopes of showcasing and selling their creative talent. Every type of art you can imagine was displayed. Vibrant paintings depicting eye stimulating landscapes to abstract images that captured every corner of your imagination. Metal and stone were fused together in stunning yard creations. Fabric was stitched together to create kids bath robes right out of classic story books.

As I walked around with my family, enjoying an abnormally humid Vegas day, several thoughts came to my mind as I thought through the world of creativity. I am not sure if I am abnormal when it comes to these thoughts, but I had to share them any way.

IMPORTANT: I classify “Art” as anything you do creatively. Painting, sculpting, writing, music, spreadsheets, building, dog grooming, hamster hair styling, etc

\\: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Some Art (in my opinion), inspiring. Some Art (in my opinion), a total waste of space. Some art (in my opinion), out of the box creative. Some art (in my opinion), old and tired. 

The key words . . . “In My Opinion”. Creativity comes down to the person creating and the person interacting with it. Not everyone will like your art. Not everyone will get your art. Not everyone will appreciate your art. You have to block the critics out and focus on the your creative passion that comes from deep within you. Then, find a niche audience that appreciates your creative talent. 

\\: Price (does not) = Worth

I found my self having a strange reaction to the “price tags” attached to each piece of art as I walked around. The price range verried from a few dollars to over $10,000. I had different reactions to each price tag I looked at. One reaction was, “That’s all?! Wow, I would pay more for that.” Another reaction was, “Holy Cow! I wouldn’t pay 1/2 of that amount.” Yet another reaction was, “That’s fair”. 

I am sure if you asked 100 people their unfiltered opinion you would get answers evenly split over those three thoughts.  Why? Price equals how much someone values the creativity in the piece. Not how much it is really worth (time, materials, effort, uniqueness). 

\\: Personal Passion Sells

I walked into one tent to look at some eye grabbing pottery. The colors were vibrant and absolutely stunning. Right when I walked in, the artist jumped up and engaged me in conversation. I asked him about one particular piece that had a enamoring red shimmer to it. He shared with me about how red is the most difficult color to have come out when you put a piece in a kiln. He shared with me how it has taken him over 30 years to perfect the process. His passion exploded out of him. Not only with his words, but in his eyes and with his entire body. I would have purchased it, but it was $695. ( I thought it was worth that, just didn’t have $695 to spend on a bowl.)

I walked into many tents where the artist sat stoically behind a table and gazed off into space. Never engaged me. Never smiled. Some never even looked up. When it comes to your art, you have to sell it. Your passion is the tipping point. Your belief in your creativity is what will attract people to it. You, and only you, have the ability to engage your art with your potential audience.

Do you agree with these insights?  What would you tweak?  What would you add?

PHOTO CREDIT: Alex Holyoake via Unsplash

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