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4 Types of People Positioned to Shatter Your Idea

Do you want to accomplish something of great significance? Do you want to launch a non-profit that will actually make an impact in this world? Do you want to develop a creative idea that will rise above the fray of mediocrity and make a lasting impact? Do you want to script words inspiring people to discuss them for months years decades to come?

If this is your pursuit, (And I hope it is because you were created to do something great.) then prepare for what is going to come your way: The all out assault focused on shattering your idea, dream, creative thought, or ingenuity, and the pursuit to make you actually think that you are actually, insignificant.

Depressing thought? Yes. Reality? Absolutely.

There are four types of people who you will encounter as you passionately pursue that significant “idea” ! The most important component is to embrace these three facts:

  1. Recognize that these people exist.

  2. Embrace that they are really good at what they do.

  3. They will actively seek you out.


Critics will circle around you like vultures, picking apart every single overlooked detail, missed strategic component, and creative idea that is slightly skewed.  They are specialists at exploiting the hairline cracks in your idea and drawing circles around them with fluorescent paint. Yes, they have the credentials to back up the letters behind their name, but their goal isn’t to impart wisdom and to help you improve. Critics do not desire to see you and your dream succeed. They do not want anyone to accomplish more than they have done in the past. Critics have a clear goal: To shove you down in order to elevate themselves. (And they are experts at doing this.)

QUESTION: When was the last time a CRITIC accomplished something so significant that it changed the world?

CAUTION: Recognize the driving motive to crush you. Once you grasp that stark reality, lean in to what they are saying. Yes, they are identifying the hairline cracks, but that information will be helpful as you aggressively move forward. 


Armchair quarterbacks sit, arms folded, passive, pointing out all of the flaws, miscues, and oversights. They are self-proclaimed experts that have limited, if any, on field experience. But rest assure, they know how to do it better than you. (And they think they can do it if they are actually willing to get out of the chair and risk trying.) They are really good at looking at the replay and then telling you what you should have done.

QUESTION: When was the last time an ARMCHAIR QUARTERBACK won a championship?

CAUTION: Don’t dismiss everything they say. Their approach is from a very different perspective that will give you valuable insights. Once you have captured their feedback, be selective in what you keep. (Remember, they do not possess “game speed” experience.)


Illusionists have perfected the use of “smoke and mirrors” to deceive and distract everyone watching. They are experts in putting on a show, wowing everyone who is sucked in by the illusion of accomplishing something great. But in all reality, it is an elaborate show, carefully crafted to fool the audience.  It is easy to spot the Illusionists because they talk, talk, talk, but underneath there is nothing.   On the surface, the show that they have carefully crafted will grab your attention, but their actions are sleight of hand with goal to deceive.

QUESTION: When was the last time that someone took an Illusionist serious? Yes, their tricks are entertaining, but everyone grasps that what you are seeing, isn’t really what is happening.

CAUTION: The crowd that they gather around them is a mental and emotional distraction of epic proportions. Don’t get caught up with the hype surrounding the show. 


The shadow dwellers will always make an appearance, in the most inopportune moment. You know these people. They lurk around hiding in the shadows of mediocrity. They share ideas when the spotlight shines on them, but action never follows. They talk a lot, but do nothing. They are true experts in accomplishing nothing. The shadow dwellers will aggressively join the critics, armchair quarterbacks, or the illusionist (or all three of them if they are really board) and amplify their voices. They are passive and weak, but enjoy joining anyone who will try to crush a dream.

QUESTION: Have you identified the shadow dwellers circling around you? 

CAUTION: Don’t over look them. Identify them and then block out their voice.  They are not worth your time, energy, or effort. 

Now that you have identified these four types of people, seek out individuals that are passionate like you. People who will roll up their sleeves, help push the idea forward with significant force, and who are willing to fail.  Surround yourself with a team that will challenge all ideas, own the process, and encourage each other along the journey.

Now, go do something significant. We desperately need world changers.

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