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3 core components to organizational success

I had the opportunity Sunday to grab lunch with Heredes Ribeiro, Executive pastor at Potential Church, while he was in NYC connecting with various churches . I always enjoy talking leadership and church with passionate people committed to being part of God sized vision. As I drove through the Lincoln Tunnel, thankful that traffic was moving at a rapid pace, I started to process our conversation. There many quick thoughts, insights, and questions in our conversation that reflected the leadership culture at Potential.  But what monopolized the majority of my drive home was Potential’s Big Harry Audacious Goal (BHAG) that they are relentlessly pursuing.

Here it is:

Potential Church Goal 50 100 150

The goal is CONCISE: Within 3.45 seconds I had it memorized. (Not scientifically verifiable.) Whether you are on staff, a volunteer, someone who shows up on for one Sunday service, this is a goal you won’t easily forget.

The goal is CLEAR: Immediately I was able to clearly see where Potential was headed.  The target was specific and measurable.

The goal is COMPELLING: Potential’s BHAG is filled with vision.  It immediately grabbed my heart and mind. I leaned forward and asked a litany of questions.  Potential’s BHAG has nothing to do with being a large church. It has everything to do with becoming a church that honors God’s mission and vision for the Church. They are looking at areas around the world that desperately needs to hear about Jesus. They are relentlessly pursuing breaking down obstacles between culture and church and helping people take spiritual steps. Their BHAG is about people encountering a life changing relationship with a loving God who is pursuing them.  Potential knows that this goal is God inspired and directed.  They know that the only way they are going to accomplish something like this is by believing Ephesians 3:20-21.

Then I started to think to myself: What if every church believed in Ephesians 3:20-21, expecting God to do the imaginable through His sovereign power? What if every church had a clear, concise, and compelling BHAG? What if every church relentlessly pursued this BHAG with the realization that the Church is the hope of the world?

What if?

What is sad is that there are way to many churches that have SBUG’s, if they even have a goal at all. (You will have to watch the video to discover what an SBUG is.)

Here are several great resources focused on BHAG’S.

  1. WEBSITE:  Check out Jim Collins website here.

  2. BOOKS:  Built to Last; Good to Great

  3. VIDEO:  How can you tell if you have a good BHAG?

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