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Leadership insight from Batman Begins

I am a member at Gold's Gym. The Gold's Gym that I am at has a movie room where you can go in – run on a treadmill – and watch a movie.  (Whoever thought of that concept? Genius!) Well I was at the gym last week running on the tread mill – in the movie room – and the movie Batman Begins was showing. I am not a huge batman fan, but it was entertaining and helped my 7 mile run go a lot quicker.

During my run (i think it was mile 3 or 4) Alfred said something to Bruce Wayne (AKA: Batman) that literally caused me to to push pause on the treadmill and write it down on my phone.

The scene: There was a turning point in the movie where Alfred stops Bruce Wayne, looks at him and says:

Why do we fall Sir? So we can learn to pick ourselves up!

Now, I have heard countless times in conference and in leadership books that you should "fail forward". John Maxwell actually has a book entitled Failing Forward. What caught my attention wasn't this concept of failing forward.  What caught my spirit was this simple word of "LEARN". 

Nobody likes to fail. Nobody likes to drop the ball . . .let a team down . . . create chaos from a decision gone bad.  The reality: Every person on the face on the earth will fail.  The key . . .is learning how to pick yourself up. Face reality. Face the people you let down. It is so easy to try to hide from failure.  It is human to try to lessen the impact of failure by deflecting the failure.

What are some of the best lessens you have learned from failing?

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